Miss SC Festival of Stars Pageant 2020

 Click here for application:  this one 2020 miss scfos.docx


11 months-23 months Baby Miss

24-35 months Toddler Miss

3-4 years Wee Miss

5-6 years Little Miss

7-9 Young Miss

10-12 Jr. Miss

13-14 Young Teen Miss

15-16 Teen Miss

17-20 Miss SC Festival of Stars


Age is as of day of pageant only! (No Grace Period).

All contestants must be a natural born female.


*Crowning  after every age division Baby through Young Miss* Winners are asked to stay until the end of pageant for media photos*


Miss SC Festival of Stars is sponsored by the Town of 96 Tourism Department to help support the SC Festival of Stars Fireworks Fund in Ninety Six, South Carolina. The SC Festival of Stars Celebration takes place annually the last Friday & Saturday in June . This year’s festival dates are:  June 26 & 27, 2020.  PAGEANT DATE:  SATURDAY 3/21/2020.


Beauty:  MANDATORY COMPETITION-Contestants in age groups 11 months-6 years should wear short pageant dresses. Contestants competing in age groups 7 and older should wear formal attire. (Age 7-9 may wear long or short gowns, age 10 and up, long pageant gowns only.) Each age group will have a beauty winner who will receive a tiara, sash, and trophy.  Two runners-up will receive a trophy. Contestants will be judged on beauty, personality, and overall appearance. Contestants 7 years and older will also be judged on modeling ability.  This is NOT a glitz pageant. Please keep hair and make-up appropriate for all ages.  Director and the Town of 96 reserve the right to combine age groups if less than 2 participants in age group.


Theme Wear:  MANDATORY COMPETITION should be any Independence Day theme wear; Red, White & Blue is not mandatory.  Winners will receive a trophy.



Photogenic:  $15 Contestants may enter one photo. We will work with any size photo up to 8X10. Please place your photo in a protective clear plastic sleeve. Extra photos may be entered for an additional cost of $5.00 per photo. Winners will receive a trophy.  ALL PHOTOS MUST ACCOMPANY APPLICATION! (Photos must be picked up the night of and immediately following the event as the Town of 96 will not be responsible for any loss or damage.)


Signature ‘WISH UPON A STAR’ Awards: Help raise extra money to support the fireworks-simply gather signatures for $1 each on the attached form.  The Chamber will donate the collected moneys to the SC Festival of Stars Fireworks Fund.

$96- Small Rhinestone Tiara and on-stage recognition

$196-Rhinestone Tiara, on-stage recognition, and trophy

$296-Rhinestone round crown, on-stage recognition, and trophy

The one contestant who raises the MOST money over $296:  round crown, trophy, sash, and crowned MISS PRINCESS OF STARS!


Contestants will compete on Saturday, March 21, 2020 @ 7pm. Registration will begin at 5:30 pm. THERE WILL BE A MANDATORY PRACTICE FOR ALL CONTESTANTS AT 4pm SHARP TO GO OVER THE OPENING PARADE OF CONTESTANTS.  You may practice on the stage between 4:30-5:30pm  for your individual walk as well. Contestants will enter from the back of the stage and walk the traditional “V” formation. Please be sure to sign in at the registration table to pick up your contestant number at 5:30pm

Deadline for  PAGEANT APPLICATION/PAYMENT is Friday, March 13, 2020. However, you may collect

 WISHES UPON A STAR*/Signature money up until check-in on pageant day.




  • All contestants in 11 months – -year-old age groups must be accompanied on-stage by an adult.
  • Score sheets will not be provided. 
  • Decision of the judges is final. 
  • Each contestant will be given one ticket for ONE female chaperone. Only ONE (female) chaperone will be allowed backstage for each contestant. NO EXCEPTIONS.   
  • The high school will be open at 5:30 for contestants/ chaperones and at 6:30pm for the general public. 
  • Children who are not pageant participates are not allowed backstage. 
  • Please arrange for childcare before pageant day.










Each winner/title holder is asked to represent /participate in the SC Festival of Stars activities on June 27th (10am – 11am and 7pm – 8pm) Ninety Six Christmas Parade in December (to be announced).  They may also be asked participate in other Town events throughout the year. We ask that you wear your crown and sash to these events.


Questions should be directed to:   Margie Blalock:  8684-543-3396


Please mail completed application, photos and check/money order *no cash please* to:


Miss SC Festival of Stars Pageant

Town of 96


 Ninety Six, SC 29666




If you prefer not to mail photos, bring photos, completed application and check/money order to: 


The 96 Town Hall located at 120 Main Street West, Ninety Six, SC










**All contestants are required to bring a photo (the day of the pageant) of the veteran(s) for whom you are honoring/memorializing TO CARRY ON STAGE for the opening number**


I am participating in:


Beauty, Patriotic Theme Wear, and 1 photogenic entry of contestant:  $96_______(*****BEST DEAL****)


Beauty & Theme Wear only:  $85___________  (mandatory)


Photogenic only:  $25________(optional) Extra photos:_____ @ $5 each for a total of: $______  Total:  $______


Please complete all blanks:


Age Group :_________________________  Age: _________ Date of  Birth:___________


Contestant Name:________________________________________________________




Emcee will read the following (You may type and attach a copy to application.)


Contestant Number _______ is _________________________________________________________________

________________ is the ________________(month/year) old daughter of _____________________________________


_______________________________ of _______________________________ (town) ______________ (state)


She has ______________ eyes and __________________ hair.  Her hobbies include ____________________________________.  _________________’s favorite food is _____________________________________________________________and her Favorite quote is _____________________________________________________________________________________

 An interesting fact about ____________________  is ____________________________________________________________


__________________________ is sponsored by (sponsors are OPTIONAL).


_______________________ is competing in honor/memory of ____________________ (must be a United States veteran). 

Thank you, contestant __#______________, _______________________________________________________





I hereby agree to hold Marjorie Blalock,  the Town of Ninety Six, Ninety Six Director of Tourism and  , mayor, council members, , volunteers,  judges, auditor, and/or school district/venue completely harmless for any events which occur before, during, or after the pageant, including but not limited to; theft, illness, injury, accident, etc. I understand that I enter the pageant at my own risk and assume full responsibility for my own property and person.  I understand that the decision of the judges is final and unsportsmanlike conduct by me or any members of my family may be grounds for disqualification without refund! I understand that no refunds will be given unless the Pageant Director cancels the event. I give permission for photos taken during and after this pageant to be used in publication and media releases and its pageant system. By signing and submitting this application, I agree that I am the legal guardian or contestant over age of majority. All information contained herein is true and accurate to the best of my ability and I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the pageant. The director reserves the right to combine or delete any age division if less than 2 contestants per division.  My signature also acknowledges that I have read and understand all information including rules and regulations provided with this application. I also understand that photogenic pictures must be picked up immediately after the pageant. Any photos left will not be the responsibility of the Town of 96 or affiliates therein.



Parent/Guardian Signature or Contestant______________ Date:______________



My name is __________________________________________ and I am campaigning for votes to become the 2020 Princess of Stars for the 2019 Miss SC Festival of Stars Pageant.  The pageant will be held on Saturday, March 21, 2020 in Ninety Six, SC. 

ONE DOLLAR ($1) = ONE VOTE  *All monies collected by the Princess of Stars candidates will go towards the SC Festival of Stars Fireworks fund.*   There is NO LIMIT to how many votes you can cast for me.  I can’t wait to see the beautiful fireworks display at the festival this year! Please sign below to show your support. Make checks out to the Town of 96/MISS SCFOS. In the memo field, please include my name (listed above) so I can count your votes!


Name of Voter Amount Name of Voter Amount

   My Goal:  $296 & over and I will receive a round crown!

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