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Mike Rowe                                                                                                          


Mayor Michael Rowe, has always been interested in the business affairs and building the vitality of the community of the Town of Ninety Six. He first became involved in the town with the Eureka Mason Lodge were he serves as a Master Mason.  Mayor Rowe has also served on the Ninety Six Chamber of Commerce and was nominated  as the President of the Chamber in 2015.

Mayor Rowe is now serving a four-year term which expires December 31, 2020.

Being a lifelong resident of Ninety Six, his emphasis has always been to promote our town’s historic values and see the downtown area become a thriving tourism center. With a Bachelor’s Degree in history, the historic setting and prominent American Revolution history of Ninety Six is one he wishes to capitalize upon.  Through his hard work, dedication and leadership, many ideas are already coming to fruition. The Mayor’s office and the Town Council is a team effort, and by working together as a team, their goal is to do what is best of the town and the residents of Ninety Six.

Mayor Rowe offers an open door philosophy and welcomes suggestions, ideas and opportunities offered.

Town Council

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Ward 1:

Michael Ray (Mickey) Goodman

Councilman Mickey Goodman is a life long resident of ward 1, residing on Lowell Street for 67 years.  Mickey is married to Mary Ann Goodman.  He is a graduate of Ninety Six High School and the Greenwood College of Commerce.  He worked for Greenwood Mills in the supply department for forty years.

Mickey is an active member of Cambridge United Methodist Church where he serves as Sunday School Superintendent, church treasurer and teacher with the Wednesday night kids.  He is also an active member of the Ninety Six Mill Village association where he currently serves as treasurer.

For the town council he is chairperson of the Judicial  Committee and member of the Public Safety and Street and Sanitation committees.

Mickey says,” I am very much interested in doing my part and working with others to make Ninety  Six a better place to live.  Hopefully, we can make Ninety Six attractive and the kind of town that people and businesses will find desirable.

Mr. Goodman is also President of the Ninety six Mill Village Association.

Ward 2: 

Bridget Porter                      

Councilwoman Bridget Porter  represents Ward 2.   Mrs. Porter is Chairperson of the Finance Committee.

Ward 3:

          Leroy Chrisley


 Leroy has been active in the community and his Ward for many, many years, raising his family here in Ninety Six.  He is active with the Ninety Six Schools and has donated hundreds of hours volunteering and committing himself to the betterment of the community.  Mr Chrisley can always be seen at  school  football games and keeping the clock at the high school baseball games. Mr. Chrisley is also active in other Town organizations and supports the various groups and their activities.  Mr. Chrisley was instrumental in obtaining a large cannon silhouette in the Town Square which was added to the 3 placed by the Ninety Six Historical Society. He continues to support the tourism growth within and seeks avenues for financial opportunities for the Town.

Always ready to lend a helping hand, Mr. Chrisley can be seen at most town-wide activities and around the Town Square.



Ward 4:

Arvest Turner                                                          

Councilman Turner, has always been interested in the affairs of the Town of Ninety Six. He first became involved in the early 1970’s as a Council member. In 1982, he was elected Mayor and served a total of ten years. He was elected Mayor again and took office on January 1, 2008. Mr. Turner served as Mayor off and on for over 20 years. He plans to continue serving the Ninety Six community as a Councilman.

Being a lifelong resident of Ninety Six, his emphasis has always been to promote the Town and the Town’s interests. Mayor Turner served on the Greenwood County Planning and Zoning Board, and also the Board of Zoning Appeals, multiple Committees and was part of the Clemson Charrette revitalization plan, that is currently be installed.

Ward 5:

Joan Walker

Councilwoman Joan Walker, councilwoman for Ward 5, has worked for Greenwood School District #52 for twenty years as their School Food service manager for Edgewood Middle and Ninety Six High School Cafeteria. She and her husband Roy  has  lived  in Ninety Six 8 years after living in Greenwood previously.
She has two boys, Mark and Michael Bratcher and a stepdaughter Maria Timmerman. Joan has eight grandchildren, and one great granddaughter.

Joan says, “I love Ninety Six and want to see it continue to grow. I ran for this position to get more involved and help wherever I am needed.”

Chairperson of the Planning Committee also on the Finance committee and judicial committee.

 Ward 6:

Charles Stevens


Councilman Stevens has also had an interest in bettering the community along with preserving the historical integrity of the Town. Mr. Stevens worked at the National Park Ninety Six Star Fort and is currently a board member of the 96 Historic Development Association.

Mr. Stevens looks forward to serving the residents of Ninety Six and building the business and ratable base, as well as increase the comforts for the community by bettering the quality of life. Mr Stevens follows strong moral values and looks to instill pride in the residents and make this a wonderful place for visitors as well.

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