Ninety Six Fire Department

Ninety Six Fire Department, Station 80
83 Saluda Street, Ninety Six, SC 29666

  • Fire Chief John Lee Rushton
  • Captain Jeff Crisp
  • Lieutenant Kevin Smith

Fire Station #864-543-3331 (message only- Dial 911 for fire)

Fax #864-543-3330


The Town of Ninety Six Fire Department, Station 80, is a volunteer-based fire  department that is a vital part of the community. Fire Chief John Lee Rushton and the members of Station 80 are actively involved in teaching fire safety to the youth of the community, providing instructional information to the Town, and risking all for the residents during their time of need. The Fire Department also participates in the county-wide emergency medical (first responder) program to provide the quickly provide emergency medical care when it’s most critically needed.

For additional information or to join the Town of  Ninety Six Fire Department, please call them and leave a message. Also be sure to visit and LIKE their Facebook page.

Town of Ninety Six Fire Department





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