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Visitor's Center Star Fort District 52 Historic 96 Development Association

2023-2024 Renewal Deadline
April 30, 2023

License Required.

Every person engaged or intending to engage in any business, calling, occupation, profession, or activity engaged in with the object of gain, benefit, or advantage, in whole or in part within the limits of the Town of Ninety Six, South Carolina, is required to pay an annual license tax for the privilege of doing business and obtain a business license as herein provided.
Ordinance 2021-03 (Format PDF)
Business License Application (Format PDF)
Renew your business license through the Renewal Portal (Link)


HOME OF THE SOUTH CAROLINA FESTIVAL OF STARS Independence Day Fireworks Celebration!


Home of the National Park Service Ninety Six Star Fort Battle Site
-first American Revolutionary land battle South of New England.

Ninety Six Historic Star Fort Battle Site houses the only American Revolutionary Military tunnels in existence today. Enjoy the SCETV sample trailer. Watch the full episode on SCETV or YouTube Channels

For info on the SC Festival of Stars™  -click on ATTRACTIONS page.

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