96 Chamber of Commerce

The 96 Chamber of Commerce is a vital part of the community.  Chartered in the 1950’s, the Chamber works closely with the Town of Ninety Six and is committed to securing the economic development of Ninety Six. The Chamber Office is housed in the 96 Visitor Center.

The 96 Chamber of Commerce holds various fundraising events throughout the year to assist community participation and to support the local businesses. Board members meet on the first Monday of the each month at the 96 Visitor Center and have several Committees currently looking of membership.

The Chamber also works closely with the 96 Tourism Department and together hold various business functions such a “Calendars & Coffee”, a no agenda meeting of local businesses, schools, Town council, County council, non-profits and the local community. The meetings are designed to keep the community informed as well as off a well rounded view of suggestions and ideas.

If you are interested and would like to participate, contact the Chamber at 864-5643-2047 or please visit  www.96chamberofcommerce.com to learn of opportunities for volunteering, leadership and growth.

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