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96 CPW (Commission of Public Works)

Contact information:  (864) 543-2900;  Fax:  (864) 543-4304;  On-Call Cell: (864) 980-5703

The Ninety Six Commission of Public Works has been serving the Ninety Six area since the early 1900’s.  Working closely with the Town of Ninety Six, the Commission has owned operated and maintained an array of utilities including electric, water and wastewater systems.  The Commission has been responsible for numerous amenities used by the town and its residents.  Among these has been the installation of streetlights for convenience and safety and one of the areas first fluoride systems for public water.

Currently the Ninety Six Commission of Public Works owns, operates and maintains nearly 40 miles of gravity sewer and force main sewer lines.  These lines make their way through a combination of 13 pump stations to one of two treatment plants that have a combined permit of nearly 600,000 gallons per day.  Also owned and maintained are nearly 45 miles of waterlines and 220 fire hydrants that provide water for approximately 1500 accounts.

The Commission consists of three publicly elected Commissioners that serve six year terms.  Each year the Commission nominates and appoints a Chairman to oversee the business of the Commission.

Service Map:

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William H. Harter Jr.:  Mr. William ”Dick” Harter was voted to serve on the Ninety Six Commission of Public Works in 1964 and has served as Commission Chairman for many of those years.  He and his wife Doris  have a son, Rick Harter.  Mr. Harter is a lifelong member of Cambridge United Methodist Church in Ninety Six where he serves and helped organize the Men’s Methodist Club. Since Mr. Harter has been on the Commission, the CPW has added a new Wastewater Treatment Plant, and extended its water and wastewater service outside the city limits to serve such developments as Greenwood Shores, Grand Harbor, The Plantation and Pier 96.

William Hawkins Jr.:  Mr. William Hawkins, Jr is the current CPW Chairman. his service began in January 2010.  Since Mr. Hawkins has been a member of the Commission, there have been many improvements made to the water and sewer systems owned, operated and maintained by the Ninety Six CPW. William is a lifelong member of the Ninety Six community. He and his wife have town daughters. William is employed by the Greenwood Commission of Public Works.

Tandy Jay Reynolds: Mr. Jay Reynolds has been serving on the Commission since 2014. He is a lifelong member to the Ninety Six community. Jay and his wife Tracey have five children. He and his family attend the Cambridge United Methodist Church. Jay is employed with Greenwood Metropolitan District.

Systems Manager-Greg McFarland: Greg has been the systems Manger of the Ninety six commission of Public works since 2012. He has been employed with Ninety six Commission of Public Works since 2005. Greg has been a lifelong member of the Ninety six community. Greg and his wife Deedee,  have on daughter.

Office Administrator- Leah Anne Riddle: Leah Anne has been the Office Administrator for the Ninety Six Commission of Public Works since 2013. She has been employed with the CPW since 2011. She has been a lifelong member of the Ninety Six community. She and her husband Matt, have one daughter.

Past Commissioners:  M.M. Moseley

D. E. Cowan

John Drummond

H.D. Forrest

Reynolds Griffin

J.G. McNeill

Donald Dowis

Bill Gardner

Roy Smith

Raymond McNeil

D.D. Wilkes

Ray Berry

Eugene Boyd

Temple Lamar


Past Supervisors/System Managers:  W.B. Jeter

R. E. Wingard

Earl Harrison

George Williams

Robert Gary

Rickey Werts

Tony Williamson

Tony Black

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