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DECEMBER 17, 2018


6 p.m.

In compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, the news media was
notified of the time, date, place, and agenda of this meeting.  A notice was
posted on the Town Hall bulletin board no later than 24 hours prior to this

Members Present

Mike Rowe, Mayor

Councilman Mickey Goodman, Ward 1

Councilman Arvest Turner, Ward 5

Councilman Charles Stevens, Ward 6

Members Not Present

Councilwoman Bridget Porter, Ward 2

Councilman Wayne Gilbert, Ward 3

Ward 4 – Vacant

Staff Present

Attorney Doug Bell

Mary Ann Goodman, Clerk/Treasurer

Ketekash Crump-Lukie, Clerk/Treasurer – Not present


The meeting was called to order by Mayor Rowe.

ACTION: The invocation was given by Councilman Mickey Goodman.


The Pledge of allegiance was recited in unison.


*        Approval of November 17, 2018 Regular Meeting Minutes

Councilman Turner motioned to approve the November 17 Regular Meeting

Councilman Goodman seconded the motion.

ACTION: The motion carried by unanimous vote.


Councilman Goodman motioned to accept the November 2018 financial

Council mand Stevens seconded the motion.

ACTION: Council accepted the November 2018 Financial Statement Reports by
unanimous vote.


*        PARD Grants

*        Information & Promotional Signs

Marjorie Blalock, Tourism Director, explained that the Town of Ninety Six
received approval from Columbia for a $10,000 grant for a digital sign to
replace the current sign between the Visitor’s Center and the Town Fountain.

*        Voiselle-Williams Multicultural Park

Ms. Blalock explained that the Town of Ninety Six received approval from
Columbia for a $26,250 grant to establish the Voiselle-Williams
Multicultural Park.

*        SCDOT

*        Johnston Road Sidewalk Project: Mary Ann Goodman, Clerk/Treasurer
explained that the Town of Ninety Six received an SCDOT grant for $400,000
(matching grant funding will be provided by the Greenwood County CTC). This
the first phase of the grant – the sidewalk will extend from Saluda Street
toward the Mill Village, a little way past Bolts Apartments (will not go all
the way to Church of God), and the full length of Johnston Road.

*        USDA Reimbursement Grant for Streets & Sanitation

Ms. Goodman explained that this grant reimburses payment for purchasing the
trash truck so the funds can be used to purchase equipment; total
reimbursement amount was $23,100.

*        Palmetto Pride

At the time of this meeting, the Town had not received the award letter, but
a request of additional information had been received. Should funding be
awarded, funds will be used to purchase tarps for town maintenance trucks,
cigarette butt receptacles and trash cans.

*        America Walks

Ms. Goodman explained that the Town was awarded this grant to purchase
benches for the walking trail in the amount of $1,500. At the time of this
meeting, the award letter had been received but not the check.

*        Be Safe Grant

Ms. Goodman explained that the Ninety Six Fire Department received

*        Body Camera Grant

The Police Department received funding in the amount of $5.465 to purchase
body cameras.

Ms. Goodman concluded by stating that the Town had received $495,506.46 in
grant funding in 2018.

Mayor Rowe thanked everyone for their hard work and persistence in securing
the grants.

*        96 Historic Development Association

*        Greenwood Community Foundation

Ms. Donna Wells informed Council that their grant application for $5,000 to
purchase tables and chairs for the Depot was turned down. She explained that
when Mary Woodiwiss, Projects and Grants Manager, for the Foundation called,
Ms. Woodiwiss informed her that $45,000 in grant applications were received
and there was only $25,000 was available to award; and grant funding was
awarded based on priority. When asked about the next grant cycle, Ms.
Woodiwiss encouraged Ms. Wells to apply for the Enhancement Grant.


Mayor Rowe recognized Marjorie Blalock who announced the following awards:

*        Parade

*        Best Adaptation to the theme was awarded to the Ninety Six Cub
Scouts Tractor and Float. Ms. Debbie Turner accepted the award.
*        The Best Industry and Commercial Entry was awarded to Triangle
*        The Best Performing Group was awarded to the Sleigh Bells (ATV
*        The Best Christmas Entry was awarded to Pine Pleasant Baptist Church
whose theme was “Music Makes the World Go Round”.
*        The Most Creative/Unique Entry was JC’s Auto (the baby blue truck
with the little dog in front).
*        The Most Festive Costume was awarded to an elf named Franklin.
Franklin also won the Elf Contest at the Cambridge Christmas event. Franklin
works at Triangle Hardware.
*        Secrete Santa’s choice was Triangle Hardware.

*        Business Christmas Lights Contest

*        The Overall Community Winner was the Maffett Homestead located just
past Star Fort on the right.
*        The Businesses Winner was Theresa’s Place and the Old Barn Door.
*        The First Place Business Winner was Flower’s by D & L.
*        The Second Place Business Winner was Fortner’s Hardware.
*        The Third Place Business Winner was a tie between Las Cascadas and
Studio Ninety Six.

*        Residential Homes and Town Christmas Lights Contest (within one mile
radius of Town)

*        Slack Home
*        Balchin Home (Faith and Ben)
*        Alexander Home (April and Brian)
*        Crawford Home (Doug and Kim)
*        Chappel Home (133 Panther Drive)


*        Planning, Councilman Arvest Turner

Councilman Turner reported that there was some interest for future
development in Ninety Six and after talking with the Town Attorney, things
are looking good for Ninety


*        Judicial, Councilman Charles Stevens

Councilman Stevens reported that the Judicial Committee had not been able to
meet but home to schedule a meeting around the first of the year.

*        Building, Councilwoman Bridge Porter – No Report
*        Public Safety, Councilman Wayne Gilbert – No Report
*        Finance, Councilman Mickey Goodman

Councilman Goodman announced that after the first of the year, they would
schedule a meeting to discuss revising the budget.

*        Streets & Sanitation, Councilman Steve Turner
*        Parks Committee, JoAnn Eichelburger – No Report
*        Chamber of Commerce

Mayor Rowe reported that Ms. Blalock had talked with business owners who
expressed interest in reviving the group.

*        96 Historical Development, Donna Wells – No Report
*        96 Mill Village Association, Elaine Wilder

Ms. Wilder thank Council, Ms. Blalock and Chief Porter for their
participation in the Mill Village Christmas.


*        Streets & Sanitation, Tim Myers

*        Collected 151,181 pounds of garbage
*        Picked up a total of 35,980 pounds of leaves
*        Thank his staff for all the hard work and support they gave Ms.
Blalock and the ladies decorating the Town for Christmas.
*        The Department will begin trimming all the trees on Highway 34,
brush from the road, trimming and picking up leaves.

The Mayor stated that he received a call from a citizen thanking Streets &
Sanitation for trimming along Pinehaven – they no longer have to drive into
the intersection to see.

*        Tourism, Margorie Blalock

*        The Christmas Craft Show was a huge success. There were over 30
tables and over 200 patrons attended the event. Special thanks to Edward
Hentz, Streets & Sanitation, for setting up all the tables.
*        Dillon’s Tree Lighting and Angel Row was a success thanks to Tim
Meyers and Trey McAllister, Streets & Sanitation, and Mayor Rowe.
*        The Ginger Bread House decorations were awesome thanks to Tim, Trey
and Edward but especially Trey who worked for two days on the decorations.
*        The Cambridge Christmas was a huge success; 128 people signed in at
the Visitor’s Center, but that was not all in attendance.
*        The Parade was a success in spite of the weather. Thanked Chief
Porter for a smooth running parade.
*        Preparation for the Festival of Stars has begun – we are recruiting
sponsors and volunteers.
*        February 2 – Father/Daughter Dance
*        March 16 – Miss Festival of Stars Pageant
*        May 8 – Bird Watching Event, sponsored by the Wild Life Federation

*        Fire, Chief Jeff Crisp

*        Responded to 27 calls last month

*        Police, Chief Porter

*        Arrest Warrants Served: 9
*        Bench Warrants Served: 0
*        Citations: 59
*        Arrest: 9
*        Lt. Boudreau is now a certified Narcan Instructor.
*        Asked the community to be mindful that their surroundings and keep
an eye out for your neighbors who may receive packages and may not be home.
Call the Police Department if you see something suspicious.

*        Mayor Mike Rowe

Mayor Rowe presented Ms. Mary Ann Goodman with a Resolution from the Ninety
Six Town Council on the occasion of her retirement.


An Executive Session was not held.


Mayor Rowe called for the adjournment.

Councilman Turner motioned to adjourn.

Councilman Goodman seconded the motion.

ACTION: The motion to adjourned carried by unanimous vote.

The minutes of the December 17, 2018 Regular meeting were transcribed by
Ketekash R. Crump-Lukie, Clerk/Treasurer.

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