Geocaching In Ninety Six

Welcome to Ninety Six Geocaching!

Ninety Six is a great place to go geocaching with plenty of outdoor areas. The Town hosts several walking/biking trails, horseback trails, beautiful Lake Greenwood State Park and National Park Service Historic Ninety Six Battle Site. There are great unique places for you to discover. Some sites are for beginners, some have slightly more difficulty, but all sites are belong to seekers like yourself, so please log your visit if you plan to use our Geocaching Sheet, which you can download below for a small unique Town Logo Wooden Nickel cache reward.

Please remember to Trash While You Cache-feel free to use the receptacles at the Visitor Center.  Don’t forget to visit other sites in the local area. Good Luck!

Download Sheet HERE     Welcome to 96 Geocashing

Great News! Just heard about some new sites coming..for FTF fans! Keep an eye out..sorry, but we just can’t be a spoiler.

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