CodeRED Notification System


CodeRed Notification Sign-up  is available for residents of Greenwood County residents. Click on underlined link to register.

CodeRED® is a new service by which government officials’ county-wide can notify residents by telephone about emergency situations or general information. The system is capable of sending messages only to people affected by a particular situation, such as an evacuation and missing child, or to the County’s entire population.
Additionally, officials can send message to response personnel to activate them or keep them up-to-date on the situation using phone, text or e-mails.

The CodeRed system also has a weather warning system. This program allows residents to opt-in and receive notification of severe thunderstorm, tornado, flood, or winter storm warnings. The system will only contact those individuals in the affected area as determined by the national weather service. Residents must sign up for the alerts to be reached by phone, text and e-mail at their home of record.

Other uses for the system include:

Administration Health
• General Information • Drinking Water Contamination

• Disaster/Major Event Follow-up • Flu Pandemics

• Severe Weather Warnings • Viral Outbreaks
(floods, hurricanes)

Emergency Management Law Enforcement

• Chemical Spills • Missing Children
• Nuclear Hazards • Missing Elderly, Disabled or At Risk
• Terrorist Threats Adults
• Mudslides • Bomb Threats
• Winter Weather Emergencies • Hostage Situations
• Escaped Prisoner Warnings
Elected Officials • Sexual Predator Alerts
• Community Meeting Information • Neighborhood Crime Watch Support
• CodeRED Integrated Public Alert
Warning System (IPAWS) system

Public Works Fire

• Planned Outages • Evacuation Notices and Routes
• Street Closures • HAZMAT Emergencies
• Dam/Levy Breaks • Gas Leaks

Internal Communications

• First Responder Notifications
• Critical Incident Call Out

ECN will also conduct a county-wide test of the database and phone system to determine the local phone system infrastructure capabilities in order to reduce congestion during an emergency situation due to a call out.

A free application for both iPhones and androids is available to receive emergency notifications. The app will also receive weather updates anywhere you are located in the Continental United States for an annual fee of $4.99.

23 other South Carolina government agencies from State Government to towns use CodeRed as their mass notification system. (Abbeville County, Laurens County, McCormick County, Greenville County, etc)
The following are the phone numbers you will see when being notified by CodeRED:

1-855-969-4636 General Calls
1-866-419-5000 Emergency Calls
1-800-566-9780 Weather Warnings

For additional questions or to register by phone, call 211 or (864)942-8553.

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