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In compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, the news media is notified of the time, date, place, and agenda of this meeting.  A notice is posted on the Town Hall bulletin board no later than 24 hours prior to any meeting.  All council meetings time and dates are listed on the Community Calendar of this page as well.

For complete and up to the minute copies or to be placed on a Agenda, please see the Town Clerk or call  864-543-2200 Ext 1

Monthly Town Council Meetings are held every third Monday at 6:00pm at 96 Visitor Center.  Holidays will be scheduled for Tuesday.

Jan 19, 2016/ Feb 16, 2016 / March 21, 2016/  April 18th, 2016/ May 16th, 2016/ June 20, 2016/ July 18, 2016/ August 15, 2016/ September 19, 2016/ October 24, 2016/ November 21, 2016/ December 19, 2016.

All minutes are accessible by contacting the Town of Ninety Six Town Clerk.



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